Our Background

Precious Stones was born by the inspiration of God as men and women individually and at other times collectively, came together in the place of prayer seeking a spiritual renewal and restoration of Gods visitation first for their lives
and for their lands. As the burden for revival grew so did prayers intensified. Over years these men laboured quietly yet prayerfully to bring the word of God and the power of God to their church and indeed to their society.

Our pursuit is God; Our request is revival

— We believe as infallible, the word of God and that its truth is relevant to our society today just as it was in generations past. We believe that the moral decay in today’s society is a direct consequence of the neglect of God’s
word and instructions as stated in the Bible.  We noted that due to immense pressure that has come upon the church in our time,

Who are we ? the focus on the teaching of God’s word, the pursuit of heaven and righteousness is gradually being lost
to the church. Hence the church has lost her cutting edge and her impact on society has become weakened. It is in the light of these that we have consecrated ourselves under God to devote ourselves to prayers and to teaching of the undiluted word of God in the pursuit of revival in every nation. We do acknowledge that this may not be a popular pursuit in our generation and that endeavors such as these are often met with persecution from the world
and not surprisingly at other times from within the church, yet we believe our generation will be benefited
if it returns to embrace the living oracles of God as clearly stated in the Bible. To this we are committed not minding the cost..

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