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ShelterStudents and Youth

We are currently in need of volunteers,for our ministry initiative among students, both male and female. Our work among students include mentoring, camping and organizing conferences or partnering with other organizations in organizing conferences.


In furtherance of the great commission; three years ago we commenced an evangelistic and discipleship work at the Prison system in Winnipeg. Our work has been at the Winnipeg Remand Centre.

The response has been great. We have been fortunate to be part of great things God is doing in saving lives of men given to drugs, violence, crimes and promiscuous lifestyle and transforming them into God fearing and responsible members of the society.

Due to what God is doing we are being requested by the Remand Center to expand our service while other correctional facilities are willing to have us begin similar initiative with them.

We have been working on this initiative for some years. We are close to rolling out our mission plan for this people group. We require volunteers for this labour.

Our media project involves daily devotional, audio/video outreach,newsletter among others. We also operate a web based prayer link and counseling room.
Opportunitues for Partnership/Volunteering

It is in the light of this that we are requesting you to pray for us and to prayerfully consider in your heart if God would direct you to join us in this work.
We need volunteers. Please contact us by mail or telephone.


Existing Volunteer – Sign in Link

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