What We Do

The Wave is Rashing InLeadership Development — God’s work is built stronger as new crop of leaders are raised and existing leaders are strengthened in Christ.. As opportunities present themselves, we partner with churches and ministries in providing
discipleship and leadership development for new converts, and for the rank and file of church and ministry workers,

— We provide discipleship to new converts and believers at varied stages of their Christian walk and service. Our emphasis of instruction is not knowledge, but life transformation. Participants are welcomed from any church denomination once they are able to ascertain their commitment to the process..

Our ministry labour among students is aimed at making new converts as well as providing discipleship for old and new believers in Christ.. We also provide counseling and guidance..

Ministerial Leadership Contact Sessions

A forum for ministers and leaders to come together to pray for their God given tasks and share their burdens with others. This forum provides both time to retreat, reflect,

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